Positive Pedal Power

Breifne Earley Close Up

Breifne Earley Up Close and Personal Against Suicide


We all have dark days, some darker than others. And for some the days can be beyond darkness…but there is always a way back to brighter days…and Breifne Earley is one of many who found such a way. Put simply: “It’s OK not to feel OK”. Depression and suicidal thoughts are treatable. Breifne says:
I was able to turn the direction of my life around simply by asking for assistance from my friends, family & colleagues. The support was then, and has been since, absolutely astounding.

Breifne Earley Selfie with Friends

Come on lads, keep up!


And now he’s pedalling around the planet to raise awareness in the Cycle Against Suicide Campaign. He has managed to stretch his funds beyond belief but needs a few extra bob to fully circumnavigate the globe. Can you help him push them pedals a little further? You can pre-order his book or DVD here.

Breifne Earley Hairy Supporters

Yer man’s flyin!



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