One Man Found a Dog

One evening, Joe Molloy was followed home from the shops by a cheeky Jack Russell.

Lost Jack Russell

Jack the Lad

Now Joe was fond of dogs, he already shared his home with two canines, but they weren’t interested in a new four-legged lodger in the house. In fact were dead set against it. So Joe needed to find Jack’s owner and fast.  Enter the Internet. Joe a keen Website developer himself, realised the only way to spread the word, especially outside office hours, was via the Web and social media. And so the birth of Lost and Found Pets Ireland, which helps owners report or find their missing hairy or furry friends.

Lost and Found Pets Ireland Logo You enter your pets info which feeds out to Twitter, and you can even generate a poster to print and pin to trees, lampposts, or the local postman.

Another great example of people coming together online to bring solace in the non-virtual world where cats and dogs bring fun and mayhem to the human idea of order.

Cat and Human Reunited

Amanda and Bella reunited thanks to the on and offline community “What do you mean say cheese? I say milk, or even chicken!”



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