Heart and Sole


Man’s got Soul!

Eamonn Keaveney is currently walking around Ireland to raise funds for Pieta House. Fair play to him you’ll say…you might say a bit more when you hear he’s taking this very long stroll, barefoot! And then you might have a gasp or two when you see the cut of his feet. His sister, Maureen, one of his many supporters shares a few thoughts…

When Eamonn first came up with the idea, most of us didn’t believe him and here he is on day 94 of his epic journey. He is walking just over 2,000km around Ireland in his bare feet – for two reasons. He’d read about the longest barefoot journey in the Guinness Book of Records and he thought to himself “I’m going to break that”.

A good friend of his died by suicide and this made him decide to fundraise for Pieta House, and help raise awareness of suicide and self-harm along the way. With little preparation, no diet plans or support team, except for his family at home, he packed a tent and other essential items in a rucksack.

IMG_20160506_211146He’s been extremely fortunate as he has only had to camp three times so far. Many followers and businesses kindly offered him a place to stay along the way. People have literally spent hours driving around looking for him, bringing him picnics, ice creams or snacks and love to stop and have a chat with him. People are curious when they see him on the road and offer him lifts or shoes!


Measure a journey not in miles but in friends made on the way

He’s received so many lovely messages of support, thanks, and encouragement on a daily basis and is overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.  

We are thrilled that so far, as well as avoiding major accident or injury during his walk, Eamonn’s donation link has raised over €16,000, far beyond the €1,000 euro target our humble brother originally set. He is so down to earth, a very relaxed fellow. Nothing is ever too much trouble. He has stayed up many nights, talking to supporters even though he has been ready to collapse from exhaustion after a long days walk, but he never complains. He has undertaken such a selfless act in trying to help others. He’s an inspiration and we are so very proud of him.

We expect Eamonn to complete his journey and arrive home in Claremorris to a hero’s welcome on August 12th. I’m sure he will have many amazing stories to tell. Hopefully, he will make it into The Guinness World Book of records as he broke the record on July 13th. It would be lovely to get him a copy at Christmas. He has had the pleasure of seeing our beautiful country, meeting some of the nicest people and in turn leaving footprints in their hearts.IMG_20160709_140449

We wish him well on the last legs of his journey…if you catch sight of him, remember to offer him encouragement or snacks, but please no shoes!

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Tweet all about him  @baringmysoles


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