Get Your APP Cap On

Apps4Gaps Logo Everyday more data than any one person can eat is produced all over Ireland (and the world), data that can be used to benefit us all…if only someone would come up with an app to analyse it, and grind out the gems and patterns that could help us make small and large decisions wisely…? Maybe you, and a friend or two? Oh and by the way, this BIG Data is just sitting there, freely available and accessible to all!

So Apps4Gaps is a clever competition to get people thinking and designing and building to wrestle some good from all this free data.

your idea+her idea+his idea+another idea=app

app+free data=social good

app+win Apps4Gaps=€5000  !!!

It’s a no brainer, just get your brain in gear and get thinking and creating. There are two categories, Student and Open. A few small terms and conditions, like you have to hook up with others (called a team), and design or build the app. Who knows, society could be so grateful, and you (and your team) could have €5000  to spend on something nice or your next BIG idea.


Apps4Gaps Competition

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