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Seeing Disney Carol and Sara

Carol and Sara #SeeingDisney

What would you do if your sight was fading? What would you want to spend your last sight credits on? A sunset, your favourite mountain, the flowers you planted in your garden, a loved one’s smiley face? Carol wants to see things with her lovely seven year old daughter. Goal setting, target reaching, Carol decided that on each of her daughter’s birthdays they would see something special, before they could no longer see together. And this year’s target is to see Disney. As her Usher Syndrome progresses, Carol might be seeing smaller and smaller, but she continues to think big. Can you see yourself helping?

Available now via PayPal, seeingdisneycalendar@gmail.com, the 2015 #SeeingDisney fundraising calendar.

Carol Usher Syndrome Fashion Event

#SeeingDisney Fashion Event


http://www.gofundme.com/seeingdisney  Twitter @SeeingDisney

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