Brave New Pioneers of an Ancient Tradition

Teenagers writing and performing their poetry, who’d’ve thunk it? Stephen Murray did, a Poetry Slam Champ himself, he got the bright idea to find young poetic voices from around Ireland and have them compete in an International Slam Fest in Atlanta in July 2015, and feature on the HBO TV show Brave New Voices.

Brave New Voices - Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray – Instigator & Mentor

After competing and winning in an All Ireland contest, the fantastic four have been selected, and are rearing to go do their thing…they just need a little funding help from all you poetry lovers out there, or indeed anyone who wishes to support these verbally brilliant young performance artists.

Brave New Voices Team Ireland

Brave New Team Ireland

Some samples of their artistry below, where poetry does not lie quietly on the page but stands up vibrantly, and each crunchy syllable grabs you by the poetics. People of Atlanta, you is in for a treat. – Seasons – Pitchfork Branches – All Mothers and Fathers Matter

Donate here. Corporate sponsor sincerely sought. Contact Captain Melisa

Contact: @TeamIrelandBNV

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