A Hashtag Can

Hashtag Symbol   Have you entered the Twittersphere? A number of brave and creative people are jumping into Twitter and throwing a hashtag party for fun and more. So many hashtags bringing people together to share and support, and grow personally or professionally…to cite but a few examples:  #irishbizparty, #irishtechparty, #twiznight, #firstfortnight, #irishfictionfortnight…the list will continue to evolve, just as Twitter has and will.

People using the virtual space to make real-life communities that directly impact the personal and business lives of many. It’s an open invitation to throw your Twitter hat in the mix, and lend or receive some support. Get yourself a @handle, and maybe one day your hashtag can ripple through the Twittersphere and beyond.

Earth Hashtag

One little hashtag to change the world




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