The Alpha Project

Photo of Nana at The Alpha Project Stand

Nana – Alpha Lady

The Alpha Project is an ethnic minority youth empowerment initiative. The aim is to empower disadvantaged ethnic minority students in Ireland to attain excellence in their careers regardless of their social, economic or educational background.

According to the Central Statistics Office in 2010 only 24% of students from disadvantaged area were admitted into third level institutions. The Alpha Project seeks to ensure that ethnic minorities who find themselves in those circumstance do not become part of this statistic. There is a risk of losing capable people to underachievement due to their social background and The Alpha Project seeks to deal with this problem.

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Free Tours

The Alpha Project will hold free experiential tours for secondary school students visiting different types of industries.  At these tours employees from culturally diverse backgrounds will speak to them about the work they do and their career journey. This will hopefully instill confidence in the students so they can come to the realisation and say “if someone like that can attain excellence in their career, so can I”

To summarie the Alpha Project will benefits students, companies and Ireland because tackling these issues will ensure minorities are not liabilities but assets to Ireland.

That’s the Alpha Project! Reach out if you’re interested in any way.


Twitter: @alphaProj

Facebook: The Alpha Project


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