Sailing Alive

We had World Suicide Prevention day this week, and everyday is a good day to help someone get through a dark cloud.

The boaters and yachters at Clontarf Yacht Club have selected 19th September to show their support for preventing suicide by organizing a Sail Against Suicide day.

Sail Against Suicide Poster 2015

The aim of Events Against Suicide is to draw on the combined goodwill of communities all over the island of Ireland to use their skills and creativity to spread the  message
it’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help
The aim is to raise awareness across the 32 counties through a range of local, community-led events.

To do their part the Clontarf Yachters are having a race with lots and lots of orange on the boats, and a marque with music and food for the afternoon – BBQ Burgers and more.

Sail Against Suicide Sign Outside Clontarf Yacht Club Clontarf  Yacht Club

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