Haring Around Town

Hare wearing colourful sunglasses

If you look him in the eye long enough, he’ll wink!

Every year the Jack and Jill lot do something a bit hair brained to promote awareness of their cause, and of course raise a few bob. Their antics usually raise a few eyebrows, and lots of smiles and laughter. This year is no different. A hare treasure trail around Dublin to find amazingly beautiful works of hare-inspired Art. Each one worth at least a viewing, or maybe more. You or your organisation can adopt one of these artistic treasures. Others are currently up for auction, and of course all proceeds go to providing care to very ill kids. According to the Jack and Jillers:

Through ‘Hares on the March’ we intend to keep people of all ages entertained whilst they walk around Dublin city centre finding, appreciating and enjoying the wonderful pieces of art that have been created by our superbly talented artists from all over Ireland and the UK.

Sandra Schone is one of the incredible artists who created these marvellous hares, and she shares some of her thoughts on this inspiring experience:

They had me at Alice in Wonderland! Two Teaspoons of Wishful Thinking

When I read the project brief, I knew it was for me! Being an aspiring illustrator with a quirky style, a lot of imagination and a supporter of any good cause, I knew I wanted to be part of this artsy fundraising initiative organised by the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.

Their “Hares on the March” Campaign 2016, which is a follow on from the success of the Pigs on Parade, The Cow Parade and The Egg Hunt, is a unique art display in the city that will make you stop and look twice.

Sandra feeds the Hare a Carrot

Sandra meets and greets her Hare


I was thrilled when Monsieur Hare, the most unusual “canvas” I have ever worked with, moved in with me in October last year for about four weeks after being selected to become one of the 110 artists for this project. 


Jack and Jill Foundation. Hares on the March.What was my motivation and inspiration behind my “ImagineHareium” (No.88)? When I draw, I lose myself in my own wonderland, a whole new world, a divergent dimension. I forget everything else, nothing else matters and all my worries evaporate. The underlying theme of my life’s work is inspired by the fairy tales of my childhood: the magic in every moment of life, the beauty of nature and enchanting encounters.

Jack and Jill Foundation. Hares on the March.  The Hare is a symbol for many things; madness, genius, elusive, a luck charm, good fortune, protective powers, magical powers, union of opposites, full of mystery and contradiction as well as a royal animal. It is iconic in Irish society, taking pride of place on the coinage over the years. The hare is also associated with the Celtic Dawn Goddess, Easter, the moon, dawn and transformation…and they go mad in March, apparently.

The question I put to the audience is “Can we travel back to our childhood, and re-awaken that sense of wonder we possessed when we were younger and free to imagine whatever we liked?”

Hare Back Side

I want to invite people to discover their inner Alice by following the imagery around the hare, inventing their own story of what they see. For me I think, anything is possible at any age, with any limitation that we may be born with. We should nourish love, trust, friendship, and be true to ourselves, then we can face what we are destined to do in – our reality, our dream, our own wonderland.

“ImagineHareium” #88 is currently residing at the Conrad Hotel, Dublin, opposite The National Concert Hall, from 22 Jan to 29 February.

The other hares can be tracked down at 52 venues around Dublin city. The Hare Trail invites everyone to go on a hunt around town to find the 110 beautiful hares. A map and entry form can be downloaded from the website: www.haresonthemarch.ie There will be a prize draw on 16 March. So go hunting!

Things you can do:

Auction: Take part here: https://galabid.com/auction/hares The auction will close Mon, 21 March.

Adopt a Hare: Choose a hare. Put your name, mission & logo on the plinth.  Then put your hare on permanent display in your boardroom, canteen or reception area.

Individual Sponsorship: Choose a hare to be associated with by displaying your name, mission & logo on its plinth for the entire duration of the project. .


The Hare Trail: www.haresonthemarch.ie

Hare Auction: https://galabid.com/auction/hares

Jack & Jill: www.jackandjill.ie

Sandra’s oeuvre:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sandra-Schoene-Illustrations-Paintings

Jack and Jill Foundation. Hares on the March.

Jack and Jill Foundation. Hares on the March.

Twitter/ Instagram: @schoenesan


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