Glenbeigh Insect Hotel – Warm Welcome for All!

If you are hanging about a public flower box on the clean streets of Glenbeigh, you may suddenly find yourself surrounded by a few gardening types scurrying from flower box to hanging basket, weeding and pruning. These are the volunteers of the Glenbeigh Community Council who take no prisoners when it comes to weeds. They are also swift when it comes to dead heading worn out flowers.


Yes, you might say, there are so many wonderful teams of volunteers all over Ireland working to keep their locality tidy. This is true, and at least one deserves to be featured here. (No doubt over the years many will feature here.)

So what’s so unique about this tidy town group? Well for one thing they have an insect hotel, and even more interesting, it’s in someone’s front garden, which is also maintained by the volunteers.


Why? Because the house is in the heart of the village. In fact there are not many gardens at the warm centre of Glenbeigh. So the committee asked the resident of this cottage if they could add to and maintain this prominently placed garden. The result is a joy to behold, as is seeing the volunteers hop over the wall to tackle a cheeky weed or two.

Glenbeigh Insect Hotel

So next time you admire a hanging basket or flower box, whether on hols or coming home from work, spare a thought for the volunteers who get out and plant and weed (and have a lot of crack)…and feel free to join them, or even start your own tidy project…imagine if every place in Ireland was tidy…now there’s a thought!


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